Telephone Etiquitte

*First things first- PLEASE do not call with the intent to talk dirty.

*I have no desire to sit there and entertain your fantasies over the phone.

*My time and patience is way too limited for this kind of thing.

*Not to mention, it's illegal and a sure fire way to get you arrested, and nothing says un-sexy like those orange jumpsuits, bologna sandwiches, and ink stained fingers!

*Be sure to introduce yourself when you call, don't just start off by saying "Are you working tonight"? How rude!

*Keep in mind that I can not disclose my services or rates over the phone with you, so whining and copping attitude won't help your situation. Before you even consider dialing the number you should have already read the entire site.

If you call to ask about haven't read the site.
If you call to ask about haven't read the site.
If you call to ask about haven't read the site.

General Etiquette:

Please read my website before writing or calling.
Please be discreet with questions.
When we meet, please make sure your hygiene is impeccable.
I am always freshly showered and clean and I expect the same.


Make sure you are respectful.
Gentlemen that treat me with respect
and courtesy will be treated in kind.
I like to be pampered, and I like to pamper...

Once I arrive to meet you, please have the agreed gift prepared discreetly Inside an open envelope and hand it to me within our first minutes together.

RELAX! This is your time to pamper yourself...

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