I am a humanist at heart. I believe in the rights of all that lives and has spirit. I advocate for the causes that speak to me, that I have first hand knowledge in and bring to light the actions of people that are deplorable.

In 1776 the United States declared its independence from Great Britain. This was not done by a small percentage of the population, (the great experiment) United States of America came together. Liberty and justice for all. Today, we are facing global chaos, what was started back then needs to continue and spread through the world. Where we can deal with domestic issues. The world is shrinking and this brings global issues home to all. This needs to be dealt with, without prejudice or exclusion of human rights. Respect of the inalienable right and the fact that men women, transgender all life cannot exist without the feminine and masculine not just for procreation but expression. There can be no true appreciation without ying and yang. Tolerance needs to be replaced with communication and understanding. Tolerance last till it's broken, understanding is forever.

Privilege, race and life

While some people have more privilege than others (however ill gotten by their ancestors);I believe people can make their own privilege, destiny and fate! They can also change their ways and by doing so they cause this surge of energy that changes everything around them, and the air or rather winds of Change spread like locus and fall like domino. Then again, some people just have a harder time making it happen than others… I don't wait around and think anyone is above or below me. It is what it is. I am responsible for my life! Lol, yet I also know I have a contract with the creator, one, God Goddess...

Black, White, Asian, Latin, Arab, Jew and any other cultural, religion or group of people I may have not mentioned?! People are really stuck on race and fault, creed, blame, fear... I say “know thyself and be accountable, own you, and don’t be lead like sheep into a planet that use to be glorious than a race of self loathing idiots with a lot of potential, self destructed and keep trying to fill the holes with material possessions, while destroying our the world. Be strong and roll with punches. I am that I am. And if I get lynched tomorrow, I hold the same conviction. Privilege and power; we all have in one way or another. As well as pain and joy.

We are the human race, a species; “biology a subdivision of a genus considered as a basic biological classification and containing individuals that resemble one another and may interbreed”. In other words capable of reproducing with one and other. Race can be a contest of speed, a contest within rivals, water current or channel, a groove guiding sliding object, a narrow passage, a regular course, a journey, noun, verb, group of humans, “the fact belonging to a group or one of the groups in the world's population that can be divided on the basis of physical characteristics such as skin or hair color” within those races there are other races, we are all part of the human race that sometimes has a competition and we race one another.

Emotions: Each woman, child, man has the capabilities to share or know emotion, be it hate or love, Pleasure, Agony... We also have the power to change what we don't like, rather than wallow in fault, blame, cry and drown in a sea of self pity and excuses. Fairness and justice? Life doesn't always give you that! We can't sit cry about it when it does not happen.

Sex, Body, Nudity,

My plight also is to educate those who seek and stop the demonizing, human destructive practice, negative ideals, attitudes, the shame and stigma of the human body, nakedness and sex (gender, preference, activity and personal practices.)

In Tantric philosophy; the body, the sex does goes on in the body is part of the creative energy. The creativity being the sexual activity of the universe that brings about life, the idea inspired by the spirit, materialized through creation and through connection brought to life on earth. The connection of product, art, entertainment, life all of life and in very early Taoism, sex is part of everything in existence as well as our connection to our ancestors and the continuous life force through our offspring. Sex is life force energy every thing has it and feels it, once you cease having this emotion the body dies. So when one lives repressing one natural self, it is a fact that if you suppress your natural body functions, our natural body and nature itself, we become the opposite of that and go against life, spirit, the physical world and some of us turn on ourselves and end our own and other existence on the planet because we lack empathy, not being able to digest inside the purpose of all that lives on the planet. Our narcissistic selves are separated from of the existence nature and that of all living things around and outside of us.

Human and living rights:

The rights of all human to live at their own evolutionary speed and to make rights for all who have grown beyond our social evolution and assure that each individual or group is given the right to a happy, and deliberate cruelty from other groups or individuals with different ideals, culture, status, greed, exploitation, oppression and right of freedom.

Which no one can take or give away as it is a right like birth and as sure as death yet is removable from us by deliberate cruelty, punishment, poverty, population control through fear and shame, myth and censorship. If everyone practiced self help and expression there be no need for wars...

Tell me something? If human rights are for humans are sex workers Aliens?

Giving rights to only those who follow fashion?

I thought we have evolved past the times of witch hunts and the demonizing of femininity, sensuality and sexuality.

I see our place in nature as not superior but care takers a part of all that is on and in the earth. I see our own and personal individuality is so forgotten and hidden that it’s lost. For example: "I live for the approval of others and never trust my own judgment and fear to feel, to believe and stand strongly and if need be...be alone. I am at a loss of spirit (not religion) and my connection with me in other realms, the universe and the appreciation for each individual’s purpose on the earth as a whole, the combination of each individual doing their part without greed, ego, impositions and dirty competition. To seek truth and live it! I believe that’s where peace lays. Instead I most be forced believe that sex is not spiritual and love is only for family and friends. That love must be earned not given! So, I decide to deny love even on to my own self. And allow others to shame me into believing the one connection that all other species have that which desegregates and make us one, the beginning, the connection the passage to the beginning of living, Intercourse, sex, procreation, joy, attraction and of course just the action to relieve some stress and a little moment of joy from the cruelness of life. It’s like the magic of that penetration and release of seeds into the soil that leads to life or exquisite joy. That which is old as time and probably caused time to be birthed…

I’d like to throw a celebration in honor of the endless possibilities of the mind. Our higher self, the universe and the medicines, holistic and man made. That have enabled us to live more independently and the ability to enjoy life, have limbs, have acceptance and of course my personal favorite have sex without the benefit of children and the miraculous gift of a baby!” 

The mind, soul and body are always evolving; true creation can’t exist without the combination of the three. There’s technology, personal creation, literature, arts and entertainment, what we share from our soul to others and in return they share with On to all species, Nature, biology and the spirit gave vaginas and penises, each adult person responsible for his or her own genital. Not a community property for everyone else to comment on or make plans for. One should mind one’s own! It will help prevent venereal diseases and social injustices.

In my mind's eye and personal opinion, we all have our qualities and our worthlessness. It’s what makes us human? I think allot of societies forget about truth, the here and now, individuality, humanity and evolution. Most practice prehistoric rituals, thoughts, practices; customs that are not geared towards understanding, growth and most of all Love But punishment, fear, ignorance of the self and others, loathing and aspire to a divinity that is harsh and unnatural and impossible inside the human body, emotions and can only exist as a concept in one’s mind.

Therefore our minds create all sorts of self-destructive ways for us to not have to deal with our emotions, the heart, and the gate to the core of the soul, the wise one.

I know if I don’t feel something, I’m doing, I’ll not do it well or at all.

There is where I make mistakes... though I sometimes end up with victims. Then if I don’t practice to err is to be human and help out the victim… lawsuits happen. My own denial of my humanity and obligations will cause me to hide and not give restitution, that and or greed that again goes back to the seed that was planted grew roots and explains my lack of humanity and my insatiable hunger turned to greediness.

But that’s just hypothetically speaking.

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